Leader Purge.

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Re: Leader Purge.

Post by Rhynox » 21 May 2010 22:03

Tive wrote:It was Dvoro, Rauko, Blizzard, Logg.. you got the order right, but made a typo in the name :). You had to be really lucky to see Dvoro online too, he used to pop in like once a month :P Chuck, Dragg and Lanfear were Elders back then, hardly active too...
Neat, I always get Dvoro's name wrong. The neidar event log was created much later, so there are almost no mentions to him. I believe it started in 97 or 98, with Blizzard already as Thane (although Rauko figures there too).

Dragg still logs in maybe once every semester or year, I believe he was the Elder who accepted Logg. I have always wanted to have as many neidars as Thane, but Torwin never accepted as he was studying, Daelon disappeared and Rio quit, etc.

I talked with several guild leaders, and a few agree that, if they are still the head of their guild, it is not because they don't want to give up their position, but because they don't see anyone suitable for the task. Since I don't know the inner workings of their guilds, I would not say whether that is a good argument. However, I have mentioned a couple of times to Darkaan and Irk that I wouldn't like them as guild leaders since they focus too much in pfighting or grinding, while a leader needs to be able to do more than just that (for example, when Galadur was killed by a couple of priests, he decided not to wage war against them because the guild was barely active, he was not around enough to lead us, and they were far too numerous counting their allies (which had been increasing with the opening of the Templars). It is a matter of personal thoughts, though.

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