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Post by Postmaster » 18 May 2010 21:53

Originally posted by Beregond

Greetings All,


I don't have all the answers.

But I thoroughly believe the change has to start somewhere.

If we have players that will log in only to complete the delivery tasks to stay
in position, well then they will require and even more devious plan to get rid

But I am certain that there are others that would find the delivery tasks to
tedious, and finally succumb to the fact that the position as a high ranking
member is not theirs by right, since they don't spend enough time here.

And thus eventually would just allow the purge process to kick in.

What I am certain of, if we make no change, the problem will not find a

I vote for change, and evaluation along the way, rather then sitting idly and
hoping for 1 solution that will solve all.

Beregond's player

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