Balance updates to special attacks.

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Balance updates to special attacks.

Post by Carnak » 21 Feb 2021 20:02

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Greetings Genesis,

There have been some recent balance changes, and there are more to
come in the upcoming weeks.

You may have noticed that the hit chance of your special abilities
may have increased or decreased based on the quality of the weapons
you decide to use. This is a feature which was previously missing,
and recently implemented to better align your special attack with
your weapon hits.

To make the game more interesting, we have also implemented a fix
for those who prefer to dual-wield while in battle. Your specials
should now execute at a faster rate depending on your two-handed
combat skill.

There may also be some further changes to the weapons in the realms
to improve the balance between dual wielding and two-handed weapons.

The changes yet to come will mainly focus on aligning the melee
system with the magic system - stay tuned.

Best regards,

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