Upcoming changes to the magic system

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Upcoming changes to the magic system

Post by Arman » 13 Jan 2022 14:38

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Greetings citizens of Genesis,

Over the course of this month there will be some major changes made to the
global magic system.

The next of the changes will be how spell mana consumption works. To date mana
expenditure has been a static cost. It is going to now change to a dynamic cost
system that scales with the spell benefit or output.

What spellcasters will notice is:
* instant cast spells will cost considerably less mana

* maintained spells will cost considerably more mana to maintain over time.

* guilds of magic or cleric classes will find it considerably easier to sustain
a balanced mana pool.

We'll notify you when these changes are rolled out, but we expect it within the
next week.

Following the changes from static to dynamic mana system we will be activating
changes to how magic damage and resistance works. These are also substantial
changes, where spell enhancement from wands/staves/holy relics/unholy weapons
will make a noticeable difference in spell effectiveness.

Under the current system, spellcasters have essentially had a default modifier
equivalent to the best of Bubba's non-magical polearms. That default will be
unshackled, essentially allowing greater variance in damage influencers in the
same way magical weapons do.

With changes to how spell damage is determined also comes changes to how magic
resistance works. Currently magic resistance works in a relatively polar way.
Either you have none or close to full resistance through a handful of
resistance gear.

Scaling is going to change. All gear will provide a modicum of magical
resistance. Equipment that provides magic resistance will obviously provide
greater benefits than ordinary gear, however it will be harder to reach high
levels of resistance as can be achieved currently... essentially, it aligns to
how armour for mundane damage works.

In addition, a number of races will have minor resistances and vulnerabilities
to specific types of magic.

The changes to spell damage and resistance will likely occur following the
rollout of the mana changes, towards the end of the month.

These are big changes, and with it the rules set down by the Balance team for
magic guilds have also changed. Following the roll out of these changes all
magic guilds will be subject to some modifications to their spells (largely
focused around spell difficulty levels) and guild tax to meet these altered
guild guidelines.

We ask that members of magic guilds not take advantage of this period of
transition. Those that do, particular at the expense of other players, can
expect rather unpleasant and severe repercussions.

Arman Kharas, Arch of Balance

PS - the Sparkle Library now holds five new treatises on the magic system in
the Guides section, that should provide interested players a general
understanding of how the magic system will work.

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