The State of Things

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Re: The State of Things

Post by Kitriana » 19 Jun 2011 18:37

I like all of Striders ideas here above...

1) I know I've already talked to Gorboth about wanting to add/revise some of the books about the Union and pull some of the things listed on the Webpage into there. It would be nice to have our own room.. similar to how the Tower of Realms has a different room for each domain. Maybe each room in the library could be a little more "tailored" to that guild? As opposed to have a whole new set of rooms not connected to the library.

2) I like this idea a lot. As people are always wondering who the guild councils are for each guild.. or the Emissary.. or spokesperson.. So I think it would be very helpful. Or perhaps for it to mark who the Recruiter is for that guild?

3) I know Cherek has talked about this idea before.. and I would definately be supportive of it in some way. I guess I'm just confused as to exactly what things he would be sharing. So more info on this would be helpful to me...
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Re: The State of Things

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 19 Jun 2011 20:45

Love the idea of a news feed / crier.
Would be cool to see it out of game as well, on the web site.
Along with a who list. Perhaps 5 minutes delay.

(would that mean people log in less?)

Of course you could make your own town crier, just create a second in a guild which can plant rumours in npcs. :D And feed some extra ones to carlsan.
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Re: The State of Things

Post by Cherek » 21 Jun 2011 02:50

Yeah I had an idea about a genesis newspaper, which Gorboth so cleverly named the "Daily Donut". My idea was that you could simply get your magic newspaper at the town crier, and it sticks with you much like the auction paddle, perhaps the two would even be combined somehow so the auction is part of the newspaper(?).

Anyway, the usage of the newspaper would mainly be to make the world feel more alive, since it feels like bulletin boards no longer do that job. They probably rather give you the impression of a very inactive game with the latest notes posted years ago on many... The newspaper is more modern, something you carry with you, and it magically updates as soon as there is something new posted / written. (Yup, its a smartphone Genesis-style!). Actually, what I thought of in style was the newspaper in the Harry Potter books / movies. Thats basically how I imagine it would work.

Except I dont think we should use owls to send articles to the newspaper... allthough Gorboth did fool us with the Harry Potter domain some aprils ago... who knows?

So... back to the topic, the newspaper could contain anything really.

For instance:

- A place where anyone can post notes.
"Looking for a new squire, contact Daniel", "Bounty on Gorboth 1000p", "Straag looking for cute ogre female for walks on the beach", etc. This would be personal notes, and have some type of restriction so it doesnt turn into a chat room, like maximum 5 per day or something.

- Wizard-controlled news.
Anything that doesnt really need to be posted on the common board, could be anything from project updates, requests for mortal help and input, etc.

- Player-controlled news.
I was thinking having a journalist club or craft guild or something, where people can write their own articles and publish. About well... anything. Tournament results for instance, or write a story about how you raided the keep and killed everything inside, propaganda for you guild! The articles should be moderated by some selected players in the journalist craft guild I think. But basically it should be free for anyone in the guild to write, and the moderators should only be there to make sure there isnt anything breaking the Genesis rules of harassment etc in the articles.

- Automatic news.
Could be things like population statistics, who died this week (if we want to share things like that), highest selling objects on the auction, well anything really.

- Commercial ads
Perhaps a system where players / guilds can buy ads? Want to attract new members to your guild? Buy your own page in the newspaper. Bid for the best spots, and the highest bidder can even have their ad on the main page of the newspaper for a week. The Dainly Donut - sponsored by the Neidar Clan.

- Blog
Well why not? Pay for your own personal blog space in the newspaper, where you agree to some basic rules about what you can and cannot write, and then blog away. Who's the most popular blogger in Genesis?

Sport and game results (if fireball, chess, go, roulette and other games become popular some day), cartoons(Ascii cartoons!), riddles (maybe a new riddle / quest each week that gives some reward)...etc etc.

Well... anything really. We can start with something small, like automatic news and the ability to post notes, and then add new pages as we come up with new things to add.

If I knew how to code it, I'd make it. Maybe one day I will, or I'll just nag on Gorboth until he does. (You told me to nag about it Gorboth!).

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"Daily Donut"

Post by Strider » 22 Jun 2011 20:57

Cherek, I believe that we are largely in agreement about news concepts, and I really like a lot of your ideas, so I hope the rest of this note is received in the spirit of constructive critique with which it is offered.

At a gut level, packaging this as a newspaper and making it function like smart phone just feels anachronistic to me. Sure, a wizard did it or a gnome invented it or what have you, but it just seems out of place thematically to me.

From there, I believe the news feed should support the Sparkle as a hub concept, be a money sink or both. If the news is disseminated from a place and at a moderate pace, there is a chance players will encounter each other there and maybe interact. Some players or occasions will not be well served in such a model, so allowing them to throw money or high-quality booze around to get a quick feed should also be possible.

I also don't think it should be moderated or necessarily replace current modes of expression. Honestly, I think that the boards still accurately reflect the vibrancy, and conversely, stagnation of Genesis. It's my view that the news feed should drive activity, whether it's achieving, exploring, socializing or even killing. Something respawned. We're tracking the most whatever. This is new. Something is temporarily different. Talk about this. Post about that. Someone sucks. Die! Ultimately, the content is less for its own sake and more for how it reflects or encourages players to do their Genesis thing. Bad actors will get corrected, same as always.

Lastly, I'd argue that certain types of content create their own interest, and if the news feed provided the reigning champion and current leader for almost anything, even volume of liquid passed in the jakes, more than one person would try to win.
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