Promotion Update

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Promotion Update

Post by gorboth » 30 Aug 2011 11:31

Donut Dwellers,

I'll be making two posts tonight. This first one will talk about what has been going on in the few weeks since the upcoming promotion was announced, and where we are in the process. The following post will talk about the upcoming player-event I mentioned a few weeks back.

So, first - the updates on the current situation!

Right off I'll apologize for not posting more frequently and keeping people appraised of the process as it has unfolded. The end-of-Summer madness RL has made it hard for me to both get things done AND report on the doings. A growing number of people are working behind the scenes on all the pieces of the puzzle that need to come together pre-promotion. Before we get to that, here's the good news:

*** We are on track to begin promotion on Sept. 16th, as announced! ***

Now, let's look at list of the many things that are coming together as a part of this process, giving credit where credit is due (to the best of my memory):
  • Structure of website design completed (thanks Tapakah!)
  • Artwork/visual design for the website completed (thanks Denis Loubet!)
  • Initial construction of website layout completed (thanks Irk!)
  • Website elements imported to beta build environment (thanks Cotillion!)
  • Website atlas map revision completed (thanks Iliana!)
  • Website page-by-page content almost finished (get-r-done, Gorb!)
  • Dynamic LPC plugins from old website nearly converted (thanks Tapakah!)
  • Promotional poster versions completed (thanks Denis Loubet!)
  • Promotional QR-code developed (thanks Iliana!)
  • Proprietary Genesis Client v1.0 created (thanks Sandalphon!)
  • Official backdrop image for Genesis Client in process (thanks D.Loubet!)
  • Stripped down simple-text Client nearly ready (thanks Bendis!)
  • Creation of desktop icons nearly ready (thanks Cherek!)
  • Visual makeover of Official Forum in-process (thanks Lunatari!)
  • New Player Survey developed (thanks Hektor, Tialin, & Benner!)
  • Donation goal reached! (thanks everyone who participated!)
  • Promotional taskforce forming (thanks, those who have responded!)
  • Many other things (thanks, whoever I have forgotten!)
The green things above are those that have happened just in the short time since I made the announcement of our promotional launch date about two weeks ago. The other items have been in process for many months, and in some cases over a year (I first contacted Denis Loubet in April of 2010, for example.) The pace has risen to a fevered pitch, and I am full of confidence and energy as all the pieces begin to fall into place.

A few things need to happen in the two-and-a-half weeks that remain before promotion begins.
  1. An event to stress-test the new-player experience (see my next post.)
  2. The unveiling of the new website and gameplay clients. (set to happen on or before Sept. 9th.) This will be a chance for us to see if there are any glaring omissions or last-minute fixes that require attention based on the experience and impressions our many community members report upon using the website/client.
  3. The continued mobilization of the Promotional Taskforce. So far, 12 community members (near all of whom are mortals) have volunteered to be part of this initial phase of promotion. I suspect that many of you are interested in being part of this, but do not realize that now is the time to make this known. So ... to be clear ... NOW IS THE TIME! ! ! *grin* Yes, please do volunteer! The taskforce will be called on to go forth into their RL communities to physically distribute our publishable promotional materials (two beautifully designed posters by Denis Loubet, and Iliana's QR-code teaser) in as many likely-to-produce-results locations as they can manage. Please mail me if you are interested in being part of this all-important first step. Genesis needs you!
  4. Development of increased awareness, availability, and responsiveness to the needs of new players should they begin to arrive as a result of promotion. It is very difficult to predict what we will see happen in terms of how many new players will come on the scene - how soon, what volume, etc etc. What we must do is create a culture of welcome, friendliness, helpfulness, and high-quality roleplay to issue these newcomers into the Genesis experience with the best first-impressions we can muster.
So ... this is where things sit right now, with just a few weeks remaining until promotion begins. There is a lot left to do, but all signs point to it getting done right on time, helping us launch with lots of energy and readiness. So, as you read the above list, think about how you fit into this picture. It is proving time for our MUD. Be a part of it! :-)

Now, on to the event ... (next post)

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Re: Promotion Update

Post by Wolverine » 30 Aug 2011 12:43

Big ups to all that aided!! looking forward to see the finished project, almost as as excited to see this as for D3.. :D

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