EVENT: Tutorial Runner!

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EVENT: Tutorial Runner!

Post by gorboth » 30 Aug 2011 11:39

As promised, details on the upcoming event ...

EVENT DATE: This coming Friday, September 2nd, 20:00 gametime.
PURPOSE: To stress-test the creation sequence and tutorial to see how
the game handles many people plugging up these initial phases
of play all at once.
NEEDED: 12-15 players, minimum, participating in the event.
DETAILS: 1. All interested players register for the event by mailing
Gorboth ASAP. (to give me an idea of numbers)

2. 10 minutes prior to the event start-time, all who wish
to participate should meet outside the Auction House
tent in Sparkle where I will be waiting to brief everyone
on last-minute details prior to the event beginning.

3. At 20:00, we see if we have the needed number of players
to run the event. If so, I fire the gun, and the event
begins. If not we wait to see if they show. If still not
enough, the event is cancelled.

4. When I fire the gun, all participants log out, and create
a brand new character specifically to be used for the event
(though you may, of course, use the character after the
event if you so choose.)

5. Following character creation, after you have visited Lars
and arrived on the hilltop, use the command
(i.e. ) to register this new character
with your original character. This lets me know who is
in the event with what new character. Also, the original
(older) character is the one who will get the reward earned
at the end of the event.

6. Now, see how quickly you can complete the final quest of the
Tutorial (to either defeat the vampire, or help him
destroy the town.) Everyone who completes this final
quest will receive a reward. The first three to complete
it receive special prizes. The first to complete it receives
a VERY special prize.
RULES: Rule #1: All characters used in the event must be created
AFTER I fire the gun. Any created prior to this
will be disqualified.

Rule #2: No pvp is allowed. Work together as much as you
like, but do not attack one another or try to
ruin the gameplay of other people in the event.

Rule #3: You must complete the final quest to receive a

Rule #4: Only one character per player may participate in
the event (sorry, double-log enthusiasts!)
DURATION: The event will last for 1 hour after the winner completes
the final quest. I am guessing this means the event will
last between 90 minutes and 3 hours. (a very short event!)
REWARDS: All participants who complete the final quest before the
event is over will receive:

- 4 nullstones from the enchanter (value: 100 plats)
- 1 blemished imbuement stone (of your choice)
- 20 herbs (of your choice)

In addition to the above, the top 3 finishers will receive:

- an ordinary imbuement stone (of your choice)
- a glowing version of any armour in the game
(your choice, but no quest items)

In addition to the above, the top finisher will receive:

- an unblemished imbuement stone (of your choice)
- a glowing version of any weapon in the game
(your choice, but no quest items)
This is a very unique 1-time event. Read the above information carefully,
and please contact me (Gorboth) via mail if you wish to register.

Should be fascinating and good fun!
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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Re: EVENT: Tutorial Runner!

Post by Wolverine » 30 Aug 2011 12:27


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Re: EVENT: Tutorial Runner!

Post by Alorrana » 30 Aug 2011 12:44

Thumbs UP :) Good Idea.
I’m not a complete idiot. Some pieces are missing.

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