End of April Update

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End of April Update

Post by gorboth » 07 May 2013 06:31

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Hello again, everyone ...

It is time once more for that monthly update of all things in the journey 
to completion of our goals leading up to the 25th Anniversary. This month's
update will include some things we didn't even expect to see happen, but
for which we feel blessed!

So, how did we do in April? The goals were:

    - Organization, planning, coordination, commitment established
    - Work Goal: Finish magic occ guild recodes by end of May 2013.
    - Work Goal: New robust version of client ready by end of December 2013.

Much as in March, this last month had no explicitely stated goals other than
to continue pushing forward toward the goals set in February for the end of

In April:

    Teambuilding for the Anniversary:
      - Tapakah voiced some interest in taking on the Monk recode, and is
        in the process of examining the situation with that guild to see
        if he will have the energy and time required.
      - Petros and Gorboth finally had a chance to meet RL, sit down
        over a few beers, and talk about the game and its many needs.
        The efficiency of bar-talk vs. typed-chat is a beautiful thing!

    Game Improvements:
      - Serpine returns! Much to the surprise and delight of the wizard
        community, Serpine, one of the premier original founders and
        one-time Liege of the Cirath domain returned to re-kindle his
        fires for all things Dark Sun. Before we knew what had hit us:
          - The entire Cirath domain was given Magic Map support.
          - The City of Tyr was given a thorough once-over, rerouting
            certain poorly-designed pathways of travel, including the
            (until now) baffling Gladitorial Arena.
          - Unique and fascinating steeds were created that reflect the
            themes of the Dark Sun lore, available now to players who
            wish to visit the new stables in Tyr.
          - Plans were drafted for a series of stories, set in Tyr, to
            give players the chance to interact with that city through
            various new quests and persons.
      - The hardware instability appears to have abated. No crashes 
        since Lunatari re-installed the fabric of reality on the gizmo.

    Game client/software design work:
      - Sandalphon returned after long absence and was pleased to see
        that work had continued on new client development. Time will
        tell if he is at liberty to remain involved and contribute more
        of his expertise to Eowul's new exciting direction for things.
      - Cotillion has been working to encorporate web-sockets into the
        abilities of the gizmo which will allow us the option of escaping
        the evil necessity to ask users to download an external client
        that they run as an executable. Rather, websockets would allow
        us to simply run from a browser with a single click, yet with
        the same functionality and customization we desire.
      - Cotillion has also been working to convert us to html5

    Progress on Guild Recode work:
      - Morgul Mages are moving into official balance testing via AoB
        methods, with Eowul beginning to run tests to vet the repeated
        performance of spells in a quantifiable battery of simulations.
      - The Elemental Worshippers alpha officially closed, and Petros
        has moved now to analyze the results and proceed accordingly.
      - Work continues steadily on the PoT spells, with Navarre
        intent on finishing them soon so that alpha testing may begin.

    Fun Stuff!
      - The Eggshard collection event was shown to have been enjoyed
        by many many enthusiastic players, as evidenced by rabid 
        trading, bids, and flat-out begging on public boards. Official
        results are expected e'er long from the Events Team.

So ... here we come to May, which we set as our hopeful finish-line for
the Occ Magic Guild recodes. Will we make it? Tune in in 30 days and
we'll find out!


Mmmmmm ... pie ...


Re: End of April Update

Post by Laurel » 07 May 2013 07:26


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Re: End of April Update

Post by Ragni » 07 May 2013 08:36

Laurel wrote:Like.
I'll second that, especially from a Gladiators point of view the return of Serpine and the improvements to Cirath.


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Re: End of April Update

Post by Recoba » 07 May 2013 11:25

*cheer wild*

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