Web Rankings back on 1 March

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Re: Web Rankings back on 1 March

Post by Chanele » 21 May 2015 07:58

Cherek wrote:
Chanele wrote:That is not the case, I have turned to web option on now so you will see me on other rankings tomorrow.
It is something else that is flawed.
Please send a mail to AoP and Mercade and describe in as much detail as possible?

Mercade made the new Genesis-to-webpage-rankings integration thing, he's on vacation I think but maybe he can have a look when he's back.

I don't know how detailed I can be than what has been said here...I turn web option off for weeks and all of the sudden I appear on The Brave section. Turning the web option on again will result in being shown in more sections. Something fishy here..

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Re: Web Rankings back on 1 March

Post by Cherek » 22 May 2015 17:51

Sure sounds fishy. Sounds like something is up with the brave category since it seems to be working like it should for the other categories?

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