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Posted: 24 May 2016 21:58
by Jaacar

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Citizens of Genesis!

It is with a saddened heart that I have had to
close the Genemon event. Rampant botting (and
the occasional cracked gizmo) has made the event
highly unfair for those who are actually focused
on this realm and not using triggers or scripts
to control them (such as doing battles in the

The Arch of Events is very upset at this turn of
events. When he gets upset, he gets hungry. TRUST
ME when I say that you don't want him hungry, 
especially when he's both angry AND hungry. You
will likely be eaten, or worse.

There will be some modifications done to Genemon
before it returns. There will be no rewards given
out for this round.


Re: info

Posted: 25 May 2016 20:34
by morgzaash
I did not start event "for real" but i hope i get the concept right and my 5cc could be helpfull :
- catched NPC should be placed in orb as it was but the orb should be placed on arena with other orbs of the same type and battles should be enforced once/hour between players.
I dislike fight clone of my own catched npc.
I belive that should encourage players for closer look at catched NPC (rat should ont with with armed NPC on violet arena?)

After fight orb should be removed and placed again on arena ? Or left ?

Wins should be attached to player not an NPC and replaced of NPC should be possible ? Example : If I get dwarf into orb and he will won 2 fight on 8 I know that other players catched better NPC. So I'd like to remove dwarf and catch better one NPC.

Some statistics could be added to each arena ?

Put a limit on placing orbs on arena ? Most players could not be active more then 2-3h/day, I belive they could log in more times for event but still ....

Another one : each NPC could be catched once ;) If I get violet NPC into orb and it fights on arena : restrict it. Or make it for max 3 players. It should enforce players for more active looking for NPCs.

And once again : player_vs_player not player_vs_clone of its own catched NPC :)