Mortal Enhancing Drugs

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Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Mirandus » 15 Jul 2016 00:01

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Greetings Denizens of the Donut,

I write to you today on a matter of some seriousness. It appears that
we have had an influx of "Mortal Enhancing Drugs".

Some nefarious gnomes and goblins must have gotten together and devised
a way to enhance the speed and movement of some mortals. As the Arch
of Players it is my duty to make sure players are protected from such
dubious things and so I must give the following message.

Those of you using these drugs, giving yourselves the ability to move
across the realms with immortal speed, must know that this power will
not be allowed to be used unlimitedly.  While I will not be concerned
with mortals using this to travel across the realms, when it begins
to impact on interactions with other Mortals, I will take notice.

Using these drugs to hunt mortals whom you are fighting, giving yourself
preternatural speed and ability to follow withouth err, and those of you
who use your drug-infused legs to run across a domain in an attempt to
escape an attack, you will find yourselves in the testing chamber.

These drugs may seem incredibly alluring as they give such wonderous
gifts to mortals, but they hold a dark side that may see significant
impact on your mortal selves.  See <help rules> for more details.

To summarize for those who decided to skim over this important public
service announcement:

- Using enhanced speed to either escape from a Player versus Player
fight, or to hunt someone attempting to escape, is prohibited.

- (Auto-hunt triggers and speed-walking away from PvP combat are
prohibited and will result in a punishment.)

- All this is listed now in <help rules>.

Let us do what we can to stem the flow,

Arch of Players

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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Avatar » 15 Jul 2016 08:32

This is all good. I like that it is part of the rules now, but how on earth will you check it?

You would have to watch the fight/players in order to catch anyone doing it. Much like botting.

People can/will still do it, seeing as the likelyhood of anyone snooping them are seriously low.

Or am I missing something?
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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Draugor » 15 Jul 2016 09:30

I love this change, however, exactly how are you going to prove that someone didnt speedwalk away from death?

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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Melarec » 15 Jul 2016 11:06

Don't do drugs, kids.

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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Avatar » 15 Jul 2016 11:19

Melarec wrote:Don't do drugs, kids.
Uhm, ok
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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Kilrayne » 15 Jul 2016 16:33

I'm curious, what does AoP define as speedwalking, and how will they determine if a person is guilty of speedwalking?

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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Dhez » 15 Jul 2016 18:01

I'm curious as to what the AoP is referring to here. Could we be a bit more specific to avoid misunderstandings when it comes to the usage of items available in the game?
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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Orien » 16 Jul 2016 06:40


All PvP is log and calculate commands per second can point out who is speedwalking in PvP, I think so !! Unless you use some gnomish contraptions on your body I doubt any humans can send commands as fast as machine by using hands.

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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Kas » 16 Jul 2016 15:38

It's not particulary difficult to route out who's using huntingtriggers in a fight though.

A simple test: Run manually from Bree to the sparkle pier in Grey havens while you let someone using triggers to follow you. No matter the delays between your
moves or "crazy ivans" you take on the route, the party with the huntingtrigger will always match your footsteps and your reactions pretty much 100% of the time, and be "present" in the room you moved to in a very predictable pattern.

This is also very easy to see in logs.

This behaviour is not remotely possible by a human using manual control of his character; There will be gaps and failure to follow on the unsuspected moves (aka the crazy ivans). The pattern is much more chaotic and unpredictable.

I have tested this alot in open fields using fish-hook maneouvers, eightballs etc when timing spellrotations - Someone with a trigger will always predict my moves as fast as I can type them (which is not possible), while the others usually had to run after, then start tracking my footsteps.

So, don't fool yourself that it's not easy to prove, because it really is.
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Re: Mortal Enhancing Drugs

Post by Kvator » 16 Jul 2016 18:10

Kas wrote: So, don't fool yourself that it's not easy to prove, because it really is.
So you are saying that genesis wizards are bunch of liars? 'Proof issue' was the main reason for the lack of autohunt ban so far :)

Good change - bit late though.

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