Genemon returning!

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Genemon returning!

Post by Jaacar » 15 Jul 2016 15:26

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Make your way to the Genemon arenas where you can take 
part in the battles to the death and secure your position
as the Grand Genemon Champion!

The Genemon event will be starting at 0:00 game time on 
Saturday July 16th, and ending at 0:00 on Saturday July 30th.

What is Genemon you ask? It's the newest sensation that is
sweeping the realms! Come and ask me for one of my gizmos
and get out there and capture a creature of your choice to
battle for you in the arenas to the death!

I know what you're asking now - "I'm really excited! 
Please tell me Zanybar, how do I get to the event?"
Why it's very simple, portals will appear in all of the
common rooms of the realms. You simply have to enter one
of these portals and you will be instantly transported to
me! Once there you will find a sign you can read with 
further instructions.

"Will I need to bring anything to participate in this
amazing event?"
No! I will give you one of my gnomish capturing gizmos, 
you just have to ask me for one when you get here! Once
you have one, you'll just have to find a creature that you
want to capture (instructions are on the gizmo). Once you
capture a creature, you will get an orb that contains
their essence that you can use to battle in the arenas.

"Any creature I want? Even the Balrog?"
Yes! You will have to start out with a smaller creature 
than the fearsome Balrog but if you win enough battles,
you can upgrade (if you like your creature) or sacrifice
(the poor thing) your orb which will move you up a rank.
Each time you battle, your creature gets more and more
powerful. The higher your rank, the more powerful the 
creature you can have or capture.

"That sounds cool! How many ranks are there?"
There are seven glorious ranks! Violet, indigo, blue,
green, yellow, orange and red. Each rank has their own
arena to do battle in so you don't have to worry about
your little tiny rabbit having to beat someone else's
gigantic ogre (unless of course you upgrade your rabbit
several times so it isn't so tiny anymore).

"That sounds amazing Zanybar! Are there any prizes?"
Of course there are prizes! First off, each time you 
win a battle, you yourself will gain some experience!
If that isn't enough incentive, the top player (the one
with the most wins) in each rank will receive a special
prize. The top three players overall (the ones with the
most wins) will also receive an extra special prize. 
There may be other prizes awarded for other achievements
as well, so get out there and battle!

The Genemon event will start soon so get out there and
start scouting creatures you might like to capture!

Zanybar the Paparazzo

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