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Genemon Results

Posted: 31 Jul 2016 20:50
by Jaacar

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Greetings everyone!

The arena has shut and Genemon has come to a close. During the two weeks
the event was open, a total of 39 players participated in 3187 battles
(about 227 battles per day)! Of those battles, 1333 were players battling
other players, 1854 were battles against themselves.  

Overall, 117 creatures from the realms were captured with gizmos and put
to battle in the arenas. Players upgraded their orb creatures 25 times and
sacrificed them (ouch!) 26 times. The person who could not decide which
creature  to keep and changed their creature the most time was Montagu,
doing so 12 times.

Here is the breakdown for each rank, with the number of players who finished
in each rank and the player with the most wins in that rank:

Violet    25 players     Reissfeld -  78 wins
Indigo     5 players     Bones     -  67 wins
Blue       1 player      Alset     - 378 wins
Green      3 players     Snedecor  - 323 wins
Yellow     1 player      Alisa     -  56 wins
Orange     1 player      Magtei    - 313 wins
Red        3 players     Lela      - 231 wins

Each of the rank winners will receive a Silver Orb and some quest experience
as a reward for their work. The Silver Orb summons a miniature peaceful pet
version of the final creature that they had for battling in the arena.

Here are the top 10 overall results, we had a tie for first!

 1. Alset     - 400 wins
 1. Snedecor  - 400 wins
 3. Magtei    - 378 wins
 4. Lela      - 295 wins
 5. Mim       - 116 wins
 6. Alisa     - 111 wins
 7. Bones     -  98 wins
 8. Riessfeld -  78 wins
 9. Anfalas   -  60 wins
10. Montagu   -  33 wins

All of the top ten will receive some XP for their hard work. Alset and Snedecor
will also both be granted the title of Grand Genemon Champion for one year.
Alset, Snedecor and Magtei will also recieve a Golden Orb. The Golden Orb
summons a rideable version of the final creature that they had for battling
in the arena.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Re: Genemon Results

Posted: 03 Aug 2016 10:57
by Alisa
Sounds like a fun prize compared to the last events super-grind prizes.


Dont you think Orgulas would object? I would hate to run out of drinks.