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Re: Early Enrollment - School of High Magic

Post by gorboth » 13 Dec 2016 09:34

Celemir wrote:I still can't join after the Armageddon
That, good Sir, is because Armageddon is still forthcoming. As I write:

Code: Select all

Local time    : Tue Dec 13 08:34:17 2016
Start time    : Fri Dec  2 02:10:44 2016
Up time       : 11 days 6 hours 23 minutes 33 seconds
Regular reboot: between 12 hours and 13 hours 30 minutes to go.
Memory usage  : 41%
So ... try again once Army actually visits. ;-)

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Re: Early Enrollment - School of High Magic

Post by Celemir » 13 Dec 2016 09:40

Hehe i must be to eager, and to old, and looked in all the wrong places :)
Me think me needs a new set of eyes or some stronger glasses.

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