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Re: Unscheduled Armageddon

Posted: 04 Dec 2017 19:41
by sylphan
mallor wrote:
sylphan wrote:
Zugzug wrote:It sucks that such crashes penalize active players (if your stuff was in guild racks, you'd be unaffected) - while those of us out in the world lost everything non-saving and all the saving items became non-saving.
I don't think so, unless it affected different guild racks differently (that would be really unfair). Our racks, which were groaning and creaking under the weight of lovely equipment, became an echo chamber. Totally cleaned out.
That's a punishment for hoarding, we keep just enough for all the members :P
I am not a fan of hoarding, either. Just making an observation. Of all that stuff that was on our racks, only a few were my contributions. Still, the stuff was lovely. ;)