Easter Shard-o-Mat

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Easter Shard-o-Mat

Post by petros » 01 Apr 2018 18:52

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Egg Shard Hunters!

The Events Team would like to hold a mini-contest while
the Easter Event is ongoing. For those of you who have
visited the Mvsevm, you know that there is a shard-o-mat
there that requires a coupon. This shard-o-mat can
generate any shard that you may need to complete your
special colored egg. It took some effort to get this
shard-o-mat working again. We blamed the repair-kender
and they were able to give us FIVE coupons for the

So go ahead and mail the AoE team if you've got a really
good reason for why YOU deserve a coupon. We will
select the five best recipients of a coupon based on 
our judgment of the reason you send to us. We will hand
out these coupons mid-way through the Event.


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