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Mailreader Update

Posted: 27 Apr 2018 20:33
by Postmaster
Originally posted by Lucius

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The mailreader has received a small update wherein it shall
henceforth be possible to sort your received mails by any
of the names currently listed as a 'from' address, regardless
of any possible non-existent state they may be in. This filter
also works with the <h> and <H> commands while already using
the mailreader.

To re-iterate: this only works on messages already received.
You still may not mail non-existent persons.


    > last boo
    Who            Last logout   Duration     Idle time
    ---            -----------   ---------    ---------
    Boo            No such player

    > mail boo
    No such addressee (player, domain, alias): 'boo'.

    > from boo
    Your mailbox contains -99 messages.
    13: Boo         Subj: Scary!                            R  11 Oct 31 2020