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Newbie Help

Posted: 21 Apr 2009 23:38
by gorboth

So many of you do such a great job with helping newbies. I've created a few
characters of my own now and then, and I always get a warm welcome from
multiple people. This is GREAT stuff. Please, please, please keep up the great
work on this. We probably don't get that many "true" new faces around here,
but it does happen, and this is probably the biggest way to make them want
to return and help get them plugged in.

All this being said, I'd like to also offer a reminder (as Petros has also
recently done, himself, on the line) that the Newbie Help line is not a place
to do anything other than help newbies in a very specific way. If you use
the newbie line, please make sure that it is only to:

1. Welcome Newbies.
2. Answer their questions.
3. Help them understand how to play.

Things that should not occur on the line:

1. Goofing around. (jokes, shooting the breeze, chatline behavior)
2. Roleplay. Yes, I said roleplay. The line should be used to mentor
new players, and to help them manage the steep learning curve for
someone who is truly new. You should not be using it to try to influence
the game otherwise, be it via your character's personality, or via
your ideas about factions or any kind of good and evil. All who use
the line to help newbies should be friendly, professional, and not
offer opinions on the choices the newbie should make with regard to
their own future.
3. Step-by-step hand-holding. I have a hard time explaining exactly what
I mean by this, in a way. But this is an example of what I think is
taking the newbie tell help too far:

N(ewbie): Okay, I made it to the cliff, now what should I do?
P(ro): Okay, make sure you have unwielded your weapons, then type .
N: Okay ... I'm halfway up the cliff. I see a nest here.
P: Good, now wield your knife again and cut the nest in half.
N: Did it.
P: Okay ... now wait for the eagle to return, and when she does, type
N: Alright! I'm on the eagle's back now!
P: Good, now wait till you see the cottage below you, and then type

etc ... etc ...

The point here is that the Newbie help line *should* be used, but it should
not be overused or misused. Hopefully you can all sense what I am trying to
communicate here. Great job with all your newbie help, but lets make sure it
stays "professional" in tone, and not just totally playing the game for them.


p.s. Rereading this post, it sort of gave me a "NO FUN ALLOWED ON THE
NEWBIE LINE!" vibe ... which I don't intend at all. So, if you got
that vibe too, please stare deeply into my eyes for a second so
that I can mind meld with you and you'll understand what I really
meant by it all. ... ........ ... ....... good. Carry on.