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PC Gamer Update

Post by gorboth » 27 Aug 2018 19:30

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Denizens of the Donut,

Things have progressed with our PC Gamer situation, and I wanted to be
sure to update everyone here in the realms who may not be readers of our
official forum.

Since my last post here, the following has happened:

  * Our author, Lewis Packwood, completed his article.

  * Cherek and I proofread the article, and made a few suggestions,
    which he was able to implement. (IT IS FANTASTIC)

  * I created various screenshots of the game being played in our client,
    and some of the magic maps I found most visually appealing, and
    provided Lewis with these for use in the article. Additionally, I
    provided him with high-rez versions of some of Denis Loubet's
    artwork that has been featured on the website and elsewhere that
    he has done for Genesis.

  * Cherek and I both supplied various images from the history of the
    game for use in the article.

  * Lewis submitted the article by its due date.

  * The article was approved for publication in issue #323 of PC
    Gamer UK.

  * The issue is due to come out on September 20th.

Lewis presumes that the article has a good chance of appearing in the
"Best of" section on the PC Gaming website, which can be found at:


Furthermore, it is possible that the article will be mentioned when it
is published in the PC Gamer twitter feed at:


The twitter feed has over 1.9 million subscribers, so we can presumably
expect a certain amount of traffic to be generated from that alone.

For those of you who wish to own copies of the magazine when it arrives,
you will want to try to contact friends you know who live in the UK, or
whose countries receive subscriptions to the UK version of PC Gamer. If
you don't mind waiting, you can also visit the back-order catalog of
PC Gamer UK which lets you order old copies once they are no longer on
store shelves. The link to that:


September will be a month to remember, my friends!


Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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