A Scavenger Hunt is coming soon

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A Scavenger Hunt is coming soon

Post by Cherek » 09 Oct 2018 12:06

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It's that time of the year!

The 13th Genesis All Hallows Eve Scavenger Hunt will begin on
Sunday October 28 at 00:01 GT (Game Time). 

More information will be posted at exactly that time, and 
pumpkins containing everything you need for the event will as
usual appear at most common board rooms throughout the realms.
There are also rumours of some strange magic brewing in 
downtown Sparkle... 

Now, beware!

This Scavenger Hunt will NOT be like the previous ones. Most
notably there will be NO random items to find, and the list of
items will be quite different to what you are used to. So if
you think you know what to expect - think again. 

Also, as the new Arch of Events, I would like to take the 
opportunity to welcome Varian and Shanoga to the Arch of Events
team, which now consists us... uhm, well, us three.

Okay, see you all on October 28!

Cherek, Arch of Events

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