Wheel-Of-Fun Mini Event Results

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Re: Wheel-Of-Fun Mini Event Results

Post by Cherek » 12 Jan 2019 10:01

Manglor wrote:Looks like brand-new alts are luckier than most established players! Ahh, gotta love RNG! :)
The large majority of the top 22 are relatively old characters. If anything it looks like established players are definitely luckier than new ones, especially looking at the absolute top. Perhaps luck is earned after all!

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Re: Wheel-Of-Fun Mini Event Results

Post by morgzaash » 17 Jan 2019 10:03

Cherek wrote:
cetsuo wrote:what about negative points prizes? that could spice up the competition
Thanks for the idea. However, negative points might make people in the lead reluctant to spin, and suddenly it becomes a bit strategic. Which usually would be good, but in this case I like that it's 100% about luck. And I also like that fact that you can't win anything bad. The Christmas theme is about gifts, and a gift taking something from you isn't a good gift.:)
Maybe its good idea to set 2 pools : one with common and good items, second with common, good and best but with negative points as well. And let the players decide witch wheel to spin ?

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