Beta Testers Needed

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Beta Testers Needed

Post by gorboth » 04 Aug 2009 10:34

Fellow Genesis Enthusiasts,

After far too long a time, I am at long last nearing completion of the
new Mercenary guild. The guild employs some very new features that have
thus far not been offered in the history of the donut. As much as I have
been able, I have tested these features and believe them to be functional
and within the bounds of gameplay and balance.


We wizards can only predict, forsee, and imagine so much in our isolated
cubicles in the immortal realm. I am therefore needing some specific
assistance from willing and capable individuals who have the benefit of
mortal knowledge, experience, and day to day practice.

In other words ... I will soon begin a Beta Test of the Mercenaries!

If you feel you have what it takes to be a good beta tester, then I would
be interested in hearing from you via mail. Here are the qualifications
that I am after:

1. Persons who have an excellent knowledge of the realm, knowing where
to find most anything that might be asked of them (for testing

2. Persons who have an excellent knowledge of combat, and an organized
ability to assess and report on the abilities of a new guild
in various tiers of combat challenge.

3. Persons who are willing to actually join the guild, sacrificing
occupational membership elsewhere.

Some answers to potential questions:

- Yes, if you are a Beta Tester, you will be allowed to remain in
the guild when it opens for the public, should you wish to do so.
You will be allowed to keep your guildstat and all benefits gained
from the beta testing process.

- No, this will not give you an edge in the guild. The guild does
not have a council, and allows all members to determine their
own future. No one bosses anyone else around in the new Mercenaries.

Interested persons should mail me with a description of their qualifications
and reasons for wanting to participate. Depending on who applies, I may
choose numerous candidates, but it is possible that I will select only

All who apply will be notified whether or not they have been selected and
a post will follow this one when the selection has been made.

Thanks in advance!
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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