Sparkle Saved by the Mercenaries!

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Sparkle Saved by the Mercenaries!

Post by Postmaster » 19 Aug 2009 21:46

Originally posted by Eldon


Yesterday, Sparkle narrowly avoided unspeakable calamity. As some of you
are aware, an enormous force of goblin raiders set upon the city with
the apparent goal of burning the ships in the harbor and sacking the
town. Dozens of these vile creatures, some more powerful than any of
us have ever set eyes upon, poured into the inner-city streets and made
attempts to destroy and pillage anything in sight.

Fortunately for all of us, the Mercenary Guild was at hand to stave off
disaster. Morgan, a representative of this band, helped to coordinate
efforts, summoning those of her kind to come to our aid, which they did,
thank the Gods! Were it not for them, we would all be either dead or
sifting through the ashes of our former homes.

Morgan has informed me that it was a Mercenary by the name of Prokop
who first heeded the call, bringing Trutblemma, an ally, alongside.
These two singlehandedly fought off the first few waves of the attack.
Not long after, a very young and intrepid Mercenary, Dawn, also came to
assist. Teaming up, these three continued to battle it out, holding the
invading tide at bay in the hopes that reinforcements might come. It was
in this time that young Dawn met twice with death - a sacrifice that will
be long spoken of in the taverns of Sparkle!

In the end, as morale was slipping and the hordes continued to flow into
the City, it was the arrival of Nomm and Zingil (one of those strange
Ranger types!) who arrived just in time to deal with a true behemoth of
a goblin who arrived with the final push of the attackers. Working
together, the defenders threw down the goliath and continued to patrol
the city until it was certain that the danger had passed. A few singular
efforts were noticed by the city as well. One Jooli dispatched a few
goblins on her own, and then proceeded to help clean the city streets
of much of the clutter left from battle.

It is not known whether or not this was a single horrible event, or
whether or not the goblins are preparing for more such offensives
against us. It is therefore that we of the City Council have struck up
a contract with Morgan, who claims to be coordinating the interests of
the Mercenary Guild since the departure of Maligant. It has been agreed
that Sparkle will gift to the guild the old sawmill and lodge that once
housed the logging operation that existed back when the city was first
built. In addition, Mellok, the old skillmaster who set up the Adventurers
Guild in Sparkle has agreed to join the Mercenaries and teach them all
he knows.

Morgan is now in the process of setting up a new camp for the Mercenaries
at the lumber outpost, and tells me that she is hand-selecting a few
individuals she has met to help her get things running. We in the city
will do all we can to support this, as the Mercenaries have agreed to
watch over Sparkle in return for our aid. Morgan tells us that she feels
this new guild will be far more effective than the last, and she is even
giving it a new name, of sorts - the Free Mercenary Guild. For any who are
interested, she tells us that she feels it should be ready to accept
new members within but a few weeks.

In the meanwhile, we offer our heartfelt thanks and praise to those brave
defenders of the city, and particularly to young Dawn, who gave more than
any of the others in this effort.

Magistrate of the City Council of Sparkle

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