Attention Newbies - Going Home

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Attention Newbies - Going Home

Post by Shanoga » 10 May 2019 01:41

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Greetings Denizens, especially Newbies!

First of all, welcome to Genesis. We are excited to
have you here and share this wonderful world with you.

Now the reason for this announcement:

A change has come to the magick of the Newbie pin. It
still has the power to send you <home> but the magick
has grown a bit unstable and will no longer be able to
whisk you off to safety from the heat of battle. You
also must allow yourself some time to relax after the
end of a fight before the magick can safely transport
you home.

If you have any questions, please mail AoP.

Happy adventures!

Shanoga, AoP Helper

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