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Global change to guild skilling 
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Hi everyone,

This is going to be one of those annoying wizard posts where I tell you we have
changed some of the fundamental ways skills are applied to guilds, but not give
you all the details as it goes in to guild design mechanics. So I am going to
give you some background and some context, and a general idea of how it may
affect you.

You may or may not be aware that there are five distinct guild class styles in
Genesis - fighter, mage, cleric, thief, ranger, with each one having distinct
rules around the type of skills that appropriate to each style. This may seem a
no brainer, but considering that Genesis is made up of primarily occupational
fighter guild classes (11), with a smattering of mage (3), cleric (2), ranger
(2), and thief (1) occupational classes - there probably isn't a great
realisation of the impact of some of the skill restrictions across classes.

With gameplay dynamics strongly requiring fighter skills or mage/cleric skills
to be functional in combat, the way skills have been limited for the ranger and
thief classes have been really detrimental in being able to create guilds that
have skills of a distinct ranger/thief flavour while still being playable. You
can see that now with Uncle Trapspringer's Handlers guild, and the Rangers of
the West, where they have had to pay a high cost towards their skill cap for
functional skills at a cost of thematic rogue skills like pick locks,
hide/sneak, find/remove traps, hunting, and tracking... but ultimately still
ending up underwhelming when compared to the fighter/mage/cleric triumvirate.

So we have changed the global rules around skill allocation. In our mind this
should make it easier to develop exciting new guild options in the least
developed rogue classes.

What does this mean for most of you? At this point only a little...

With the two ranger guilds both currently being under review, this will allow a
greater level of flexibility in their conceptual design and/or transition over
to the standardised combat system. So the guildmembers of the Rangers of the
West and Elven Archers will eventually notice a change... but nothing

The kender Handlers guild is likely to have their skill offering revisited, and
are likely to see some changes in the coming months.

The change that is most likely to impact players is the re-designation of the
awareness skill from a 'general' skill type to a 'rogue' skill type. This will
have an impact on non-rogue guilds with high levels of awareness, as there is a
sizeable penalty for accessing non-class 'alien' skills. In some cases, these
guilds will need to have their awareness levels reduced to fit their skill cap.
Those guilds will be notified on their guild board of any changes as they are


Arman Kharas, Arch of Balance.

29 May 2019 06:50
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Would this also affect guild special abilities that increase awareness?

You see a mousetrap. I see free cheese and a challenge.
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29 May 2019 12:49
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Dhez wrote:
Would this also affect guild special abilities that increase awareness?


29 May 2019 16:15

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Monks get nerfed again. Awesome.

29 May 2019 16:36
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Arman if this will happen, this will mean indeed another lost for the Order of the Dragons.
I do understand why you want to do this... but you have not thought of our guild.

We have already a problem that lots of imbues are useles for monk. Then there is the unbreakable weapon situation, ive mentioned once on the forum, that other players can benefit from except us. And there are more issues that i do not want to discuss here, but are well known by Ckrik and the monks.

So if you want to go through with this i sincerely hope that you will think of a way to compensate our guild, or otherwise another great guild with a great history and great theme will end up as we have seen with the Rangers.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

29 May 2019 20:33
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Monks need awareness for combat?

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."
-Mel Brooks

29 May 2019 21:19
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Studies of karate show monks need something japanese call unagi. It's a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you (sorry, couldn't help myself, hope someone gets the reference ;))

Imho between regular items, imbues, craft guilds and herbs, if you want high awareness, you can easily get it. No reason almost everyone should get it at high levels at all times. If it allows for more flexibility in guild design and maybe by chance makes hide/sneak actually not totally useless for guilds that have it - sure, good change.

29 May 2019 21:52
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@mersereau awareness is pretty useful yes.. and @lionel yes its also more of a roleplay thing as well... but the big thing is that this is the next thing that is happening to our guild that makes us less compatibel against the other guilds...

all im saying keep it up like this.... and history will repeat it self...
but im still hoping that the wizards will keep that in mind and come up with a solution when this will happen.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

29 May 2019 22:06

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Post-recode kenders are underwhelming?!? Shocker!

29 May 2019 22:12

Joined: 04 Oct 2018 17:20
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@gold bezie But that particular change doesn't really make you worse compared to other guilds, does it? Since all fighter guilds with abnormally high awareness are getting it reduced to normal level. You can still join gardeners, get a shawl, a faint imbue and run around with 90+% awareness it you really feel like you need it. As for other points, mainly imbues and uber weapon inflation, sure, I agree, I assume it feels like unarmed combat got left far behind in the arms race.

29 May 2019 22:21
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