Death Recovery (New!)

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Death Recovery (New!)

Post by gorboth » 16 Sep 2009 20:22

Esteemed Fellow Genesis Enthusiasts,

One of the design goals that I have for this game is to make PvP possible
in a realistic way. A big part of what has prevented most players from
wanting to engage fully in PvP combat is the stiff death penalty and the
very difficult task of recovering your lost exp.

We addressed this a while back with death recovery. However, the original
scheme punished players who died more than once in a row before recovering.
This lead to players being extremely careful not to die again until they
had fully recovered from a death - not good for PvP!

And so, now we have a new system in place:

Death Recovery will always remember the largest size you have ever
achieved, and let you earn experience faster until you have
recovered to that size.

Answers to potential questions:

Q: So ... lets say I'm a myth and go nuts and die 100 times in a single
day, so I'm now a rising hero or something ... this means it won't
take me years to grow back to myth?

A: It means you have very little brute penalty until you reach the size
you had before your first death. So if you grind a lot, sure, you will
probably shoot back up pretty fast.

Q: Wait! I just died three times yesterday, before this new system went
in. Does this remember the biggest I have EVER been, even before the
new system?

A: No. Unfortunately, this new system only remembers the biggest you have
ever been starting right now. In fact, if you logged on before I made
this post, you should log out and relog - it won't take effect on you
until you do.

Q: But the whole fun for me of pkilling is knocking players down in size
and laughing at their pathetic non-myth status! Doesn't this mean that
they can just grow back no matter how many times I kill them?

A: Yes, but it should still take most players a month or more to fully
recover (if they were myth-sized) even from a single death. You pkilling
someone definitely still sucks for them - it just no longer means
they should be too scared to hunt you until they recover. Now, if a
player gets pkilled, they can mount a hunting party and seek revenge
immediately! (or so I hope.)

Q: Gorboth, are you a spatula?

A: No.

Go forth, therefore, and be not a wuss!

p.s. Many thanks to Petros and Mercade for helping make this change

p.p.s. Yes, again Death isn't speaking to me. I'm not worried though, he
can't resist my ginger-snaps.
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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