Let there be Starbrite!

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Let there be Starbrite!

Post by gorboth » 02 Nov 2009 00:06

Donut Dwellers,

As the donut has floated in the Void throughout the eons, various strange
realities have come to take shape on its many surfaces. Among the most
curious are the various cycles of day and night which are completely
different from one another as one travels to different realms. No one has
ever quite known how to explain this strange fact. Are certain segments of
the torroid spinning like a marshmallow on a skewer? Are there simply the
usual unfathomable magicks at work? We just don't know!

Whatever the case, a strange shift in reality has taken place. Now, all
areas of the game are subject to the passing of time in a daily cycle.
In some domains, this means that there is a shift between night and day
where there formerly was none. Those domains which are on the dark side
of the torroid, remain perpetually in darkness, and those that are on
the light side, perpetually in light. Those that inexorably spin or are
possessed of magicks, shift between day and night. In all of this, the
Bottle of Starbrite that hovers near to the donut in the Void bestows
what we call "sunlight" in more places than it used to.

Enterprising as always, a member of the Gnomish Inventors Guild threw
together a quick piece of work that he is convinced people will want to
buy. He calls it the Sun-o-meter, and has offered it for sale in the
Sparkle General store. Evidently, the thing is powered by the sun, and
will do something to indicate that sunlight is present to the owner. Don't
ask me how this is better than just looking up in the sky, but I learned
long ago not to try to reason with gnomes.


p.s. This is a bit of a game-changer for those players whose realities
include a don't-go-out-in-the-sun clause. (obviously!)
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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