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Post by petros » 27 Nov 2009 23:00

Disaster has struck!!!! The Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen of
the Genesis Admin has been raided by sinister turkey
thieves! In order to help recover the stolen turkeys, the
AoE team is distributing rune stones of turkey detection
to all who are willing to help.

You will find these turkey detecting stones in the common
rooms. Each stone will be tuned to a few turkeys at a
time. You should a turkey to hone in on, and
the stone. If the stone detects the turkey
nearby, it'll help you find it!

The event will run until 21.00h on Friday, December 11.
There will be different types of turkeys, some more rare
than others. Rarer turkeys are worth more points. The major
goal of the event will be to gather as many points as
possible. Points will be given for finding and collecting
the turkeys before others get to them. The sinister
thieves have gotten wind of this event, however, and
may throw in some fake turkeys. Be on the watchout
for them!

Your score will be remembered when you leave the game,
and if you enter the game once more you will be able to
continue your search.

The winner and runner ups will be announced and rewarded
in due time.

This event was made possible thanks to the generosity
of the people of the realms, who donated generously
into the event box in the Mvsevm of Events.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Event Team of Genesis!


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