Results of the Thanksgiving 2009 Event

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Results of the Thanksgiving 2009 Event

Post by petros » 15 Dec 2009 23:18

The Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen has managed to replenish its stock
thanks to the 36 participants that found a total of 2568 turkeys that
the turkey thieves had stolen! The Genesis Team of Events would like
to commend the many individuals who put in their time and effort
to ensure that such a crime doesn't go unpunished. Using the many
returned turkeys, the thieves were able to be tracked to their
hideout, and justice served!

Here are the final results for the event.

Turkeys found (2568 by 36 participants)
Points total (3940 by 36 participants)

1 Onton : 931 turkeys / 1368 points
2 Harley : 278 turkeys / 418 points
3 Chade : 224 turkeys / 369 points
4 Dynranris : 207 turkeys / 339 points
5 Diri : 198 turkeys / 314 points
6 Ilrahil : 135 turkeys / 207 points
6 Milla : 120 turkeys / 207 points
8 Budwise : 102 turkeys / 159 points
9 Medri : 67 turkeys / 105 points
10 Hektor : 44 turkeys / 90 points

* All people listed in the table will receive a bonus in quest
and general experience depending on their place in the
ranking. Please collect your rewards in the AoE office.

- Regular turkeys were worth 1 point, Turduckens worth 2, and
Golden Turkeys were worth 5 points.
- Based on a calculation of turkeys found, the overall winner of
the Thanksgiving Turkey Event is Onton!
- Milla and Ilrahil are tied for 6th place, based on the final
point received. The different turkey totals are a result of Milla
obtaining more valuable turkeys
- Milla destroyed the most number of turkeys, earning herself the
title of Birdbrain of Genesis.
- Chade, Harley, Onton, and Ilrahil also destroyed a couple
turkeys themselves.

The following titles are being awarded:

Onton - Grand Poulterer of Genesis
Milla - Birdbrain of Genesis

The Genesis Team of Events

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