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Newbie Pin Update

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 19:36
by Mirandus

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Greetings Denizens of the Donut,

As you all know, we are forutnate to have a system of communication
that allows new players to the realms to seek assistance from
those of us who have been in the realms for a long while. This
mystical pin which grants us these abilities, the newbie pin,
draws on powers which are impacted by misuse and abuse.

In the past years we have seen its power begin to dwindle
as people have used the pin for purposes for which it was not
intendend. Spamming abusive language, idle chatter, and
the like has become so rampant we fear the pin itself may
cease to function.

So, we have worked hard to strengthen and reinforce the
pin so it may flourish and we may continue to use its powers
for the good of the realms. As such a new command has been
added for players who have been within the realms for what
would be considered 100 days. These players now have the
ability to <nban> someone from the newbie line.

This will allow these players to prevent the abuse of
the pin and keep the line for what it was intended; helping
new players learn the ways of the realms.

I encourage all of you to revist <nrules>. For those
players who have gained this new ability know abuse of it
will result in losing it.

Thank you,

Mirandus, Arch of Players