New Oven for the Donut!

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New Oven for the Donut!

Post by gorboth » 11 Feb 2010 23:11

Genesis Community,

I must speak to you briefly about the strange dimension beyond the borders
of our reality known as RL, for in that realm a long series of events is
finally coming to a conclusion that will shake the foundations of our world.

Sometime over a year ago, our faithful Keeper Mrpr informed our Admin that
Chalmers University of Technology, the birthplace and longtime host of
our humble game was no longer going to be able to extend us the resources
needed to maintain our existence. As such, Mrpr himself began to build a
setup that would allow us to be hosted (perhaps temporarily) by him
personally. These efforts, we came recently to find, have been thwarted, and
we were informed that we were now living on borrowed time with respect
to our much appreciated Swedish hosts at the University.

Thus began, in earnest, a search for new options. Fortunately, our Admin
consists of many highly capable people with meaningful connections in the
tech sector. In the end, it was Tapakah's solution which has proved to be
the most viable. Tapakah has established a long-range agreement for Genesis
to be hosted by a premier internet providing service (where he is currently
a RL administrator) in Israel. The hardware, software, housing, and support
are all being supplied at zero cost for an indefinite period of time.

What will this mean?

1. Genesis will be taken offline soon to be transferred to the new
gizmo. (perhaps in the next week or so)

2. The telnet address for Genesis will be changed.

3. The new gizmo will be more powerful than the last, afforing us
higher performance in some respects.

4. Latency will shift: Slightly worse for Europeans (boo!)
No change for Americans (er ... okay)
Marked improvement for Israelis (heh!)

Essentially, Europeans have, for the entire history of the game,
had a distinct advantage over players from other parts of the
world with their crisp and lag-free latency. What they feel will
probably be what Americans have felt all along. (not that bad, really)

5. The downtime will probably be less than 24 hours during the

As we get nearer the actual shift, and more specifics are put in place, more
details will emerge, such as the new address for the game, and the way in
which we will communicate it to players who log into the old gizmo.

An era has come to an end. Goodbye Gothenburg -- Hello Tel-Aviv!


p.s. Well ... technically not *quite* in Tel-Aviv ... but close. ;-)
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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