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Hello World

Post by Cherek » 24 Jan 2020 23:56

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Hello and welcome to a brand new day,

Yes, this probably feels totally odd for many of you as well. Imagine
how odd it feels for me?!

But... here we are. So, now what?

Well, to begin with, a GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Gorboth for everything
he did as keeper for Genesis. Gorboth was the forever-positive engine 
that kept the game running when things looked very bleak, and we have 
him (and his trusty staff of wizards of course) to thank for so much 
of the modernization of Genesis. A modernization that eventually brought
the game back from, perhaps not death's door, but we were definitely in 
a very bad shape.

Some mighty big shoes for me to fill, no doubt.

So, what happens now? Will you wake up tomorrow and suddenly the
game is completely different? No, of course not. For the average
player you probably won't notice much at all. Not for a while
anyway. But who knows what the future will hold...

For MY immediate future I will start by writing a "State of the
Donut" post. The first ever not written by Gorboth. Again, big
shoes to fill. Be on the lookout for that post as it will not only
contain some fun facts about the previous year, but I will also
share some of my thoughts for the future.

But for now, thank you SO MUCH for everything Gorboth, I hope you
will continue to create fantastic content for Genesis for many years to 

Cherek, Fresh Keeper of Genesis

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