Update (sort of)

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Update (sort of)

Post by gorboth » 20 Feb 2010 00:18


The date of the transfer will be determined this weekend. We expect that it
will be one of the days next week. I wanted to alert you to what will
probably be happening on that day.

If all goes well, Genesis will turn out the lights as the old gizmo powers
down, and remain off-line for a few hours. During those hours, the final
and most recent reality as we have known it in this gizmo will be spirited
to the new. The new gizmo will be powered-up, and some tests run to make
sure all is well. Then, once we feel confident that things are ready,
information will appear on the login screen of the old (this) gizmo giving
you all the login address for the new.

There is always the possibility that something will hitch, forcing us to
keep things offline for an extended period of time. If that is the case,
you can expect us to post an update either on the login screen of this
gizmo as well as on Adriel's forum.


p.s. I have personally tested the new machine, and I can attest to the
fact that from where I sit, things feel roughly identical in terms of the
way the game plays.
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