Gnomish Automotans

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Gnomish Automotans

Post by Mirandus » 02 Apr 2020 17:54

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Greetings Denizens of the Donut,

It has been sometime since we were plagued with those dreaded
Gnomish automotans. Those which appear to be mortals enjoying
the realms but are in reality meer works of gnomish ingenuity.

While they are marvels of engineering, they unfortunately do
not bring much to the social fabric of the realms. Mortals
who wish to employ gnomish ingenuity to assist in their
daily actions are permitted to do so, as long as they are
still able to respond when one seeks to engage with them.

I ask all mortals to revist <help botting> as a section
on <General-Botting> has been added to deal with circumstance
which may not already be covered.

I am thrilled to see so many in the realms, and I hope
folks will be present when they are awake. If you cannot
be present, you should not be awake.

Arch of Players

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