Cooking Event Finished

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Cooking Event Finished

Post by Greneth » 15 Apr 2020 22:36

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=(_____   ______        _____      ____    _____  ________    ___  _  __  __)=
  |                                                                        |
  | The Cooking Event is now over!                                         |
  |                                                                        |
  | I would like to thank everyone that participated in something that was |
  | quite out of the box compared to what most events have been in the     |
  | past. Unfortunately we didn't garner enough participation to make a    |
  | real competition out of it or go through with the cookbook. Which      |
  | means the rewards that would have come with the winners have been      |
  | forfeited as well. But! Everyone who participated and followed the     |
  | rules and format of the event will receive their choice of an ordinary |
  | imbuement stone.                                                       |
  |                                                                        |
  | Those who posted can send me a private message on the forums with the  |
  | character name and what type of imbuement stone they want and we will  |
  | get those handed out.                                                  |
  |                                                                        |
  | Thanks again!                                                          |
  |                                                                        |
  | Greneth, Liege of Promotion.                                           |
  |  ___      ___         ___      _____       _____    _____     _   _   _|

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gold bezie
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Re: Cooking Event Finished

Post by gold bezie » 16 Apr 2020 15:30

Pity... i would say lets keep the event going on... not for a price but to see if there are more people who are willing to write down a recipe for the book. Not everyone is able to find the right ingredients at the moment. Also for those amongst us who have childeren and is forced to work from home is under a lot of pressure at the moment.

Idea to keep the posibilities open for everyone to participate in the Genesis recipe book and this for the whole year?
Im sure we can get a book full then :)
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