Recent AoP Situation - Blue Dragonarmy

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Recent AoP Situation - Blue Dragonarmy

Post by Mirandus » 21 May 2020 19:03

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Greetings Denizens of the Donut,

The realms beyond this one are wonderous in their
technological status. The ability to communicate so freely
is wonderous. It also creates an echo chamber and the
ability for stories to be told when information is lacking.

As such, this post is to address a couple of matters.
The first of which is the most recent situation regarding
the Blue Dragon Army.

A year ago, the Arch of Players made a mistake in
dealing with a situation. A player was killed by a bug
and lost the General of the Blue Dragonarmy. At the time
the player was restored but the title was not. This was
a mistake. One that I regret. One must own their bad
decisions and try to make them right. Too much time had
passed and it would have been impossible to untangle.

Fast-Forward. An almost identical situation occurs.
A player is killed due to a very clear bug. By happenstance
it occured when the AoP could be present and respond quickly.
This player was restored but the General position was not.
Given this player obtained the General position through the
original mistake, the Arch of Players team discussed and
decided this now mends a broken circle.

It was decided the player would not be given back their
General title. If circumstances had been different,
the player would have been entitled to their position
back. And this will now be the policy for any situations
like this moving forward.

This player was only able to join the BDA (as general or
otherwise) as a result of the first bug. They should
never have been General or a member of the BDA.
As well, due to a situation that never should have
happened, other players may have joined the BDA
over the past year given the new General.

As such the Arch of Players team decided the best
compromise was to allow any players in the Blue
Dragonarmy the ability to leave without penalty.
This is open to any current member of the Blue
Dragonarmy on a ONE TIME basis only. This was
the balance in this situation.

This is what happened and it brings me to the next

The rumors that spread are toxic and often not based
in any fact. Players never seem to come to the source
and instead speculate and tell stories filling in details
with "facts" and "I heard"'s. Let me be crystal clear:
I do not play favorites. I take this role seriously.
I am human. I make mistakes. I am trying to own them.

We do our best to be transparent but we also do not
like to "air dirty laundry". It's not helpful and often
it is hurtful. This situation seemed to require clarity.
Players can always ask questions to AoP and we will answer
as best we can.

To finish. Players are welcome to disagree with a decision
made by the Arch of Players team. Just know you often will
not have all the facts. Part of our role is to get the whole
story as best as possible. Telling yourself what happened and
spreading rumors does not help. It's the main reason I have
begun to avoid Discord and the Forums. It is painful sometimes.

I know this situation is not perfect in all facets, but given
the nature of the original mistake, there is no solution
available that could be perfect. We felt this came closest
to erasing the damage created by the original mistake

Please know that as Arch of Players I do the best I can
to ensure people are treated fairly, respected, and can
enjoy the game within the confines of the rules.

Thank you,
Arch of Players

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Re: Recent AoP Situation - Blue Dragonarmy

Post by Thalric » 21 May 2020 20:08

Is this a limited time options, or a piece of code written into all the current members of the BDA?

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Re: Recent AoP Situation - Blue Dragonarmy

Post by Cherek » 21 May 2020 22:03

Thalric wrote:
21 May 2020 20:08
Is this a limited time options, or a piece of code written into all the current members of the BDA?
It's not written into the code, It's a manual thing. So, any BDA who wants to use this option needs to contact Mirandus.

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