Remembering Grampal

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Remembering Grampal

Post by Cherek » 29 Jul 2020 15:50

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It is with a heavy heart that I bring the very sad news that 
the real life person behind one of our players has passed away. 
Michael Charles Gibson, mainly known as "Grampal" in Genesis,
passed away on Monday June 22 at the age of 65. As many of you
know, Michael battled cancer for several years, and about a 
year ago he stopped logging in here. I am sure I am not the 
only one who has been worried about that, and sadly our worries 
have now been confirmed.


That's the one word that I think best defines Grampal as a player 
and a person. He was one of the greatest ambassadors for Genesis 
that we've ever had, and his tireless work trying to help every 
single new player who found their way to our confusing world will 
be missed just as much as the kind person behind the character. 
You were a very special player Grampal, and I will always miss you.

I have created a statue of Grampal and placed it the Memorial
Garden south of Sparkle. Please go there, and <share> your fondest
memories of Grampal, so that he will always be remembered as long
as Genesis exists.

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Re: Remembering Grampal

Post by Draugor » 30 Jul 2020 20:32

Wow... heard about this just now and that's very sad, back in -99 he scooped me up from the cadets and took me dephonian killing making some cash, xp and he explained alot of things and gave a ton of tips

The best newbiehelper to have ever lived, noone could even get close. :/

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Re: Remembering Grampal

Post by gold bezie » 31 Jul 2020 19:31

Yes, best newby helper ive seen!

He took me by the hand as well, showed me around, gave me a good weapon and took me hunting on lizards. After that he shared the money with me (as he did with every round) gave me hints (no, only take the weapons to sell, other stuff is too heavy. Go questing now etc).

Kind is the best word fitting for him. I will miss him dearly in the Donut, and wish the best for his loved ones.
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