Throtl Pass open

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Throtl Pass open

Post by Arman » 29 Aug 2020 15:16

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Greetings mortals!

Sitting between the Eastern Solamnian Plains, Estwilde, and the
Taman Busuk Mountain range is the Stormshire forest and the
Throtyl moors.

These lands are now open, allowing direct access by foot to
the dark port city of Sanction.

Travel with caution though! Once the Throtyl moors were lands
ruled by humans, guarded by the famed Riders of the Moor cavalrymen.
But since the hordes of hobgoblins and their ilk swarmed the
moor, taking over East Keep and making it a stronghold for raiders
and marauders, this passage is dangerous to the unwary adventurer.

Arman Kharas.

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