New Arch of Events: Gorboth

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New Arch of Events: Gorboth

Post by Cherek » 06 Oct 2020 15:34

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Greetings Genesisians,

I have a switcheroo to announce. A year ago Gorboth was
Keeper and I was Arch of Events, and as of today the roles
have been reversed. I hereby present your new (but still 
quite old) Arch of Events:


Now, I really loved being AoE, and it was kind of my dream
position in the admin, but as Keeper I have found myself 
with quite a bit more stuff to manage, and as you have noticed 
the number of events run since I became Keeper is... zero. 

On the other hand, Gorboth has found himself with more time 
on his hands, now when he is not Keeper, and among the currently 
active wizards he is definitely the one with the most event
experience, having coded and run several events in the past.

So, as we are approaching what usually is the main "event season" 
in Genesis, I am really excited to see what he will come up with.

Oh, and don't worry, I am still part of the AoE team and will of
course run the Wheel-Of-Fun yuletide event as usual.

Cherek, Keeper of Genesis

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