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Post by gorboth » 29 Oct 2020 11:23

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Booooooooooo ....!!


Ahem ... 

Well, that's what the message is. This guy kept doing it outside the Wizard
Lounge all night! My hopeful glances at Postmaster went completely ignored
(as usual) so I ended up sticking my head out the door to the back alley
to see what was happening out there. 


It got louder, that message. In fact, it got right in my face. This guy out
there looked like your classic sheet-with-eyeholes, but actually glowing and
all transparent-like. I let him in, and spent the next two hours listening
to him go on and on about how he wishes he could have it to do all over
again. I wasn't sure what he meant at first, but as I listened it became
clear that this was one ghost who feels he missed his shot at being properly
dressed for All Hallow's Eve. The sheet thing is just so cliche, and he is
extremely depressed that he was murdered in his sleep, trying to hide under
the covers from his assailant. But ... that's the way it went, and he has
that sheet over his head now for eternity. He feels like the LEAST scary
guy in the Keep.

What Keep? Oh ... Ghastly Keep. Ghostly (his name) says that's where he's
been trying to haunt lately, but that the folks in there don't want him.
They say he's just not the real deal with that costume. So Peep (his other
name) wants to make sure no one else has to deal with his shame. He wants
everyone to have AMPLE choices for their spookiness this All Hallows Eve.

Okay, okay ... so, anyway, he wants me (I guess he heard I was AoE now)
wants me to throw together an event based on all his hopes and dreams. He
wants costumes ... he wants candy ... he wants trick-or-treating ... he
wants everyone to be able to set up shop ... dude ... he wants it all!

And I am just one wizard! But, I did tell Cherek I'd try to get back into
the swing of things around here. Not to mention the fact that I've now got
Ghostly Peep from Ghastly Keep floating up and down and up and down and
up and down the hallway between the lounge and the water closet now, just
"boooooo"ing nonstop. I'm going nuts here!

Anyway ... I'm determined. But there's no way I can get this puppy up to
snuff just snappy-the-fingers style. Hey - a Gorboth-style event needs a
bit of complexity and mind-bending wizard-quizzard puzzles of despair for
me to work through for me to feel even remotely satisfied. 

So ... what does all this blather mean?


Yeah, Halloween Event. It's almost ready. And it's totally not happening
by Halloween. Probably. Okay, maybe it will. I doubt it.

SO STAY TUNED. Keep your eyes glued to that Common Board. Fill the Sparkle
Board with your shrieks of joy and anticipation. Throw fifteen copper coins
each hour into the fountain near the AoB office. Throw fifteen dead rats
INTO the AoB office. (okay, don't ... Arman might find me.)

Event! Wooohooohooo!!! Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...

G. (on behalf of Ghostly Peep from Ghastly Keep)
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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