Event - this weekend!

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Event - this weekend!

Post by gorboth » 06 Nov 2020 06:25

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Hello everyone,

So ... unfortunately, I missed getting the Trick-or-Treating event launched
in time for Halloween. This drives me crazy, because it is pretty cool, and I
really want to share it all with you. The folks on Discord assured me that it
would be something they'd like no matter if it happened in July, so I am going
to plan on going ahead and launching it, even though Halloween has passed. I
suppose most of you were prevented from experiencing Halloween properly RL
thanks to Covid, so perhaps this can be a way to make up for that? :-)

My goal for launch date is this Saturday, after midnight game-time.

I plan to run the event for 1 week, from sometime after midnight (gametime)
November 7th  to midnight November 14th. Some things to know:

  * I do not like events that exhaust players, and force you to be the most
    active in order to win. This event is designed to avoid that.

  * This event rewards participation, and gives you a chance to express

  * This event rewards you with quest experience along the way, giving you
    opportunities to earn it as more people participate, and also a special
    once-per-day qxp opportunity (so you *do* want to be sure to do that
    each day.)

  * There will, of course, be additional awards for the winners, including
    additional qxp, and some other good things.

This event might launch with a few bugs, unfortunately. The internet has
been extremely unreliable in my present location, forcing me to create
everything in an extremely old-fashioned way (anyone ever heard of Ed. ???)
But! I will do my best to iron all those out before I launch it. But, I am
going to try to launch it ON TIME ... so ... be patient if there are a few
kinks to iron out for those who are first on the scene.

The event will launch from the new Village Green in Sparkle, where some of
you helped Ghostly get the energy to get this all organized. We will hope
he did a good job!

See you this weekend for some Spooooooooky times ... :-)


p.s. If you are wondering whether it was a waste of time to help Ghostly,
     you will have to wait until the end of the event to find out more!

p.p.s. I don't like to waste people's time.

Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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