The End of the Event!

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The End of the Event!

Post by gorboth » 14 Nov 2020 12:55

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HelooooOOOooooooooOOooooo everyone!


Yes ... well, I've clearly been spending too much time with that goofball
ghost and his hooting ways. Fortunately, a lot of you have as well! It has
been very fun to see everyone running around, having silly fun, and expressing
themselves with costumes, candy, and booth behavior. Clearly, the most
aggro thing possible to do in Genesis right now is to fail to restock your
booth. Oh ... the wretchedness of this act! Clearly, you do not understand
the pain you put your good fellow citizens through!! ;-)

So ... as you've noticed if you've used your <eventlist> recently, there is
now a countdown timer to the end of the event. Also, Ghostly has decided it
is best if no new participants start things up at the 11th hour, so the event
is actually already closed for people who haven't started it yet. But - as of
this posting, 12 hours remain until the event is completely over. In this
remaining time, you should work to:

  - Find any booths you haven't trickortreated yet, and git-r-dun.

  - Restock your booth, you cruel monster!!

  - Check to make sure you really have sorted all the costumes the way
    you think is best. It is how things are sorted AT THE END OF THE EVENT
    that counts for scores. Does this mean that if someone paid you huge
    piles of platinum coins for your vote, that you can change your vote at
    the last second, pocket the coins, and laugh all the way to Mordor? Of
    course it does! :-)

  - Enjoy your costumes while they last. When the event ends, they go poof.

Once the event concludes, I will retire to the Admin Lounge, where Ghostly
has promised me thirteen weeks worth of babysitting Armageddon's Goldfish. I
just hate feeding those things ... they ... well, let's just say they don't
behave like *normal* fish should. So, I'm happy Ghostly will be doing that now.
But, I also promised him we'd go over everyone's scores together. Ghostly is
TOTALLY INTO THIS and so it is going to take a little bit of time. I think it
will take at least a week. Maybe two. But ABSOLUTELY not three. There will be
no need to wait until Thanksgiving to know who won this thing.

Speaking of that - the full leaderboards, prizes, and such will be announced
as soon as we finish the accounting. Won't that be fun? The answer is yes.

See you then!
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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