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Post by gorboth » 01 Dec 2020 10:53

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                  TRICK-OR-TREAT 2020 EVENT RESULTS !!!!

Hello everyone!

I am very pleased to be able to present you at last with the results of the
Halloween 2020 Trick-or-Treating event: Ghostly's Ghastly Trick-or-Treatathon!

This being my first outing in any official AoE capacity (I've run three
past events, but not on the AoE team) it was very excellent to learn much
about the way things officially happen in this role. 

The event got off to a late start, which I still very much regret, but I was
encouraged by the number of people who asked me to put it on even after the
actual date of Halloween had passed. The extra days allowed me to get the
last few features ready, so thanks, everyone, for your patience, good cheer,
and understanding.

In the end, we had 158 participants, six of whom have qualified for top-of-
the leaderboard prizes with their good scoring. Nearly everyone who entered
the event took the time to earn quite a bit of bit-by-bit quest experience
for themselves. Those who took full advantage of this ended up with around
the same qxp as you might get from doing a lower-mid-sized domain quest, or
around 15 Wednesday Market Quests. Worthwhile!

Unfortunately, some people do manage to shoot themselves in the foot. We
had 5 of the 158 participants disqualified for cheating. Those 5 characters
belonged to two different players, who decided it would be a good idea to
give their own alts "favorite" or "top-pick" sortings. Their qxp will be
stripped from them, and they have been removed from the event. One of them
actually lost leadeboard standings as a result! ... a shame.

My favorite thing about this event is that you were able to choose, honestly
or otherwise, who you felt deserved top ratings in this event yourselves, as
players voting for players. So ... these results are the final opinions of
your peers deciding who had the best costumes and candies!

There was a rather significant advantage of sorts given to players who were
able to begin the event immediately, and thus choose the most traffic-friendly
booth locations. But ... such is life. Early bird gets the worm, and all
that. In the end, it actually didn't mean you won, it just meant you got a
lot of points from that aspect. The winners really did have to rely on the
opinion points, which constituted by far the bulk of affairs.

Alright ... let's get down to business. There was a *lot* to suss out here
in terms of who performed well. A lot of it was just plain fun to see, and
didn't really have anything to do with winners and losers. So, first lets
start with categories in which people performed well, but that didn't really
matter in terms of event prizes or anything. The reward here is just to get
some recognition for stuff. Nice going!

No prizes in these categories. Just ... fun stuff to see!


The first category is the number of booths that each contestant was
able to successfully find and <trickortreat>. The total number of
available booths other than your own was 157.

    TOP PERFORMERS! (got 'em all!?)

       Bocephus:  157
       Budwise:   157
       Montagu:   157


    1. Creed:     155
       Hhark:     155
       Nellnight: 155

    2. Zelaya:    154
       Chanele:   154
       Madmanmat: 154

Pretty impressive! This ended up being kind of like a little mini player-
generated quest. I love that. Some people really did hide their booths, but
we'll look at some of those later.


Here, we look at the players who had the most people successfully find and
<trickortreat> at their booth. Now, they did have to make sure they were
on top of restocking the candy, so it did require at least a bit of upkeep
on that issue. Even so, this list is mostly populated with our early event
entry participants who were able to claim prime locations.


       Silon:    145  (location: Market Square in Sparkle)
       Stowen:   145  (location: North of AG in Sparkle)


    1. Yaeru:    144  (location: Crossroad outside Sparkle)
       Quantum:  144  (location: Terel pier - Sparkle docks)
       Serae:    144  (location: South of Sparkle Church)
    2. Scotia:   143  (location: South of Enchanter in Sparkle)
    3. Bocephus: 142  (location: North of PO in Sparkle)
       Taro:     142  (location: South of Bank in Sparkle)

Also ... some of you have been perhaps wanting to know who the people were
who NEVER RESTOCKED THEIR BOOTHS?? They also managed to put their booths
in fairly challenging locations. The following people only had 25 people
trick-or-treat at their booths, which happens to have been the number of
candies that a restock provided.

    Sylphia:    (Tower of Realms, Floor Two)
    Courtney:   (Faerie Graveyard, northernmost room)
    Argent:     (Track deep in the mountains, west of Sparkle Orc Camp)
    Blix:       (Deep in the Misty Moor north of Sparkle)
    Okotok:     (Large field beside Diamond River northwest of Sparkle)
    Zar:        (Sparkle Library, in the Writing Room)
    Camodri:    (Sparkle Goblin Caves, Level 1 entrance)
    Candy:      (Beside Gnimpsh at the Old Abandoned Campside)
    Kaiza:      (End of narrow path beneath Dragon Order cliffs)
    Ivanovich:  (Track deep in the mountains, west of Sparkle Orc Camp)
    Catra:      (Sparkle Goblin Caves, Level 1 Leader's Chambers)


Okay ... let's move on to content-based categories ...

We'll start with people who had the most votes for top-pick candy of the
entire event, and get a look at what they actually were ...


       Silon:     6  (whiskey-flavoured fudge with layers of poison)
       Bocephus:  6  (beer-flavoured mints encased in bacon)

Golly ... alcohol for the win!


    1. Montagu:   5  (caramel-flavoured chocolates sprinkled with sea-salt)
    2. Hannabeth: 4  (whiskey-flavoured rum-balls baked in mithril)
       Pann:      4  (chocolate-flavoured caramels sprinkled with sea-salt)
       Snowdrop:  4  (maple-flavoured cupcakes sprinkled with bacon)
       Cassius:   4  (rum-flavoured cotton-candy sprinkled with cinnamon)

I have one word - yum.


Now let's see whose candy was most frequently sorted by players to be one
of their favorites.


       Pann:     62  (chocolate-flavoured caramels sprinkled with sea-salt)


    1. Montagu:  55  (caramel-flavoured chocolates sprinkled with sea-salt)
    2. Thoru:    51  (caramel-flavoured toffees covered with peanuts)
    3. Crystal:  50  (vanilla-flavoured eclairs dipped in chocolate)
    4. Bocephus: 47  (beer-flavoured mints encased in bacon)
       Taro:     47  (raspberry-flavoured taffies sprinkled with sea-salt)
    5. America:  44  (chocolate-flavoured truffles with added lemon-dust)

These are all just ... totally delicious ... all on the sweet side except
for Bocephus and his bar-food. I wondered if people would vote more for things
that actually sounded yummy, or for things that were hilariously terrible.
Well ... let's look at the next category!


Okay ... this is a bit of schadenfreude, but it is just so dang interesting
to see who had the *least* popular candies, and what they were! Hee hee ...
No prizes here, of course, but ... well ... perhaps a few grins.

These people had the most "dumb or boring" sorts for their candy:


       Ash:     59  (toilet-flavoured fudge sprinkled with sprinkles)

    RUNNERS ... ER ... DOWN?

    1. Vrabak:  57  (poop-flavoured wafers dipped in fish-sauce)
    2. Raxton:  56  (cabbage-flavoured cashews with layers of bacon)
    3. Shooday: 55  (rum-flavoured rum-balls and pizza-sauce)
    4. Demure:  54  (poop-flavoured nougats with added blood)
    5. Targun:  53  (lutefisk-flavoured suckers dipped in earwax)

So, I had to recover myself from dying of laughter about eighteen times
while researching this list. These choices were amazing, and worth every
minute of preparation I invested in the event. WELL DONE! :-) :-) :-)

I really want to give you guys prizes for these, but ... the prize is just
the gift of who you are to your fellow players. Lovely, lovely things.


Alright! Let's move on to the people who had the most people choose their
costume for the top-pick of the entire event. 


       Sly:      5  (an alluring beholder with incubus eyes)
       Didrik:   5  (an offensive unicorn in a disturbing bathrobe)


    1. Taro:     4  (a tattered mummy with glowing eyes)
       Bocephus: 4  (a dwarf-sized balrog in a sexy brassiere)
       Aizorana: 4  (a teeny-weenie slug in a joyous hat)
       Zhabou:   4  (a pink goat in pants)

Seems to be a mix of "sexy" content, amusing content, and genuinely cool
costumes for halloween. I love the variety!


Now let's look at the number of times people had their costumes sorted into
the "favorite" category by other contestants ...


       Skythus:   56  (a sexy sorceress with an excellent butt)


    1. Silon:     51  (a sexy clam in a bedazzled bathrobe)
    2. Bocephus:  50  (a dwarf-sized balrog in a sexy brassiere)
       Thoru:     50  (an ogre-sized turkey with teeny-weenie feathers)
    3. Zelaya:    46  (a sexy fish with a teeny-weenie codpiece)
    4. Didrik:    43  (an offensive unicorn in a disturbing bathrobe)
    5. Dardamein: 42  (a hobbit-sized yeti in a checkered bathrobe)
       America:   42  (a joyous penguin in a red hat)
    6. Aquila:    40  (a holy demon in a white bathrobe)

Apparently ... sexiness was a winning strategy! This stuff is almost entirely
the "let's be goofy!" type of costume. Very fun. I agree with most of you
that Skythus did a pretty funny one, and I have to say America's costume
just makes me smile.


Again ... just some giggles here, seeing whose costumes were just not at
all popular.


       Yaeru:   55  (a sexy vampire with sexy fangs)

Err ... what was I just saying about sexy for the win? Hmmm ...


    1. Zedex:   46  (a smelly vampire in a sparkling brassiere)
    2. Skycho:  44  (a holy devil with a short cloak)
       Bones:   44  (a black bear with huge legs)
       Pillion: 44  (an undead vampire with sharp fangs)
       Qizana:  44  (a succubus chipmunk with golden legs)
    3. Dezmond: 41  (a zombie vampire in a bedazzled cape)
       Lorelei: 41  (a woman-sized sheep with a short tail)
    4. Spider:  40  (a yellow dragon with huge wings)

Yeah .............. just not very appealing here, I guess. Though, I have to
say, Bones' one makes me laugh really hard. 


Okay ... now we get to prizes. The winners of these categories actually will
receive prizes, which will be described in each category. Good stuff! These
were hard to achieve, and well-earned.

  * rewards displayed thusly ...


Winning the overall categories required that you have lots and lots
of people find your style favorite-worthy, a few people give you top-picks,
and a lot of the rest think you are at least okay. 

       Skythus:  232  (a sexy sorceress with an excellent butt)

                      * Excellent general exp reward
                      * glittering imbuement stone of choice
                      * title: Ghostly's Cause-Doom Collaborator
                      * item: pumpkin-bucket with costume till next Halloween!
                        (can be worn freely in Sparkle domain only)

       Bocephus: 231  (a dwarf-sized balrog in a sexy brassiere)

                      * Good general exp reward
                      * unblemished imbuement stone of choice

       Didrik:   218  (an offensive unicorn in a disturbing bathrobe)

                      * Medium general exp reward
                      * ordinary imbuement stone of choice

    RUNNERS UP: (no prizes, sorry ...)

    4. Thoru:    217  (an ogre-sized turkey with teeny-weenie feathers)
    5. Silon:    213  (a sexy clam in a bedazzled bathrobe)
    6. Taro:     204  (a tattered mummy with glowing eyes)

Every one of these is silly, except for Taro, who definitely had the most
traditionally appropriate costume for Halloween, and I really liked it!


       Pann:     259  (chocolate-flavoured caramels sprinkled with sea-salt)

                      * Excellent general exp reward
                      * glittering imbuement stone of choice
                      * title: Ghostly's D-Lich-ous Dessert-Maker
                      * item: pumpkin-bucket with candy till next Halloween!
                        (munch candy for full health restore once per day)

       Montagu:  256  (caramel-flavoured chocolates sprinkled with sea-salt)

                      * Good general exp reward
                      * unblemished imbuement stone of choice

       Bocephus: 235  (beer-flavoured mints encased in bacon)

                      * Medium general exp reward
                      * ordinary imbuement stone of choice

    RUNNERS UP: (no prizes, sorry ...)

    4. America:  213  (chocolate-flavoured truffles with added lemon-dust)
    5. Thoru:    209  (caramel-flavoured toffees covered with peanuts)
       Cassius:  209  (rum-flavoured cotton-candy sprinkled with cinnamon)

I was surprised to see that winners here were truly just delicious stuff. 
People didn't upvote the disgusting nonsense with candies like they did with
costumes. Fascinating! Also ... the chocolate/caramel/sea-salt combo is
the thing that took both #1 and #2 slots, just with different ordering. How


I like to see clear winners, and here we have just that.

       Bocephus: 765  (a dwarf-sized balrog in a sexy brassiere)
                      (beer-flavoured mints encased in bacon)
                      (location: North of PO in Sparkle)

                      * Excellent quest exp reward
                      * title: Ghostly's Best and Spookiest Friend Forever
                      * item: pumpkin-bucket with candy and with costume
                              till next Halloween!
                        (munch candy for full health restore once per day)
                        (costume can be worn freely only in Sparkle domain)

       Montagu:  727  (an elf-sized jabberwock with excellent teeth)
                      (caramel-flavoured chocolates sprinkled with sea-salt)
                      (location: Out on the Orc Road far west of Sparkle)

                      * Good quest exp reward

    THIRD PLACE:      
       Silon:    690  (a sexy clam in a bedazzled bathrobe)
                      (whiskey-flavoured fudge with layers of poison)
                      (location: Market Square in Sparkle)

                      * Medium quest exp reward


    4. America:  678
    5. Thoru:    676
    6. Seren:    668
    7. Taro:     666  <-- most evil
       Cassius:  666  <-- scores!!  
    8. Creed:    662
    9. Snowdrop: 654

Our top three were quite a bit ahead of the Honorable mentions, who all have
a fairly tight pack beneath them. Bocephus had almost 40 points over any of
the other contestants, and just really nailed the event in every way! 


You thought it was over? Nonononononono ... Ghostly insisted that he got
to pick his two favorites - one for costume and one for candy. And he also
insisted that they get a prize. Fine, fine ... they get a little bit of
quest exp for making Ghostly happy.

         Rotgut: a greasy pig in a golden wig

Ghostly loves greasy pigs! And he loves cute rhymes.

         Sap: whiskey-flavoured sours encased in mithril

Ghostly's favorite cocktail is a whiskey sour, and he always insists that
they be served in mithril shot glasses. How did Sap know?!??!

         * Both win a good quest exp reward!!! (Ghostly said so)


Well, there you have it, folks! Lots of silly fun, and many good memories
for our Halloween time together. You made Ghostly happy, and I hope you all
had a good time. Notes on prizes:

  * Imbuement Stones will be handed out manually by Gorboth. I'll be
    looking for you in the game, and feel free to <commune> me if you
    see me on.

  * Winners can <claim> all other prizes in the AoE office in the basement
    of the Tower of Realms. 

Congratulations to Skythus, Bocephus, Didrik, Pann, Montagu, Silon, Rotgut,
and Sap on their award-worthy performance in the event! 

All the best,
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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