Santa Balrog has come!!

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Santa Balrog has come!!

Post by gorboth » 25 Dec 2020 01:50

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Merrrrrrrrrrry Christmas, Donut-Dwellers!

That is what the Balrog told me to tell you. He confessed to me recently
that Santa Claus is his brother. They hate eachother, but sometimes they
are bound to the same impulses around the Yuletide days, and so it is that
the Balrog has equipped himself with the MOST AWESOME IMBUEMENT ITEM EVER
here today on Christmas Eve. He refuses to go down anyone's chimney to leave
it in their stocking, but he bragged that anyone is welcome to come down
HIS chimney, and try to stuff it in their own stocking if they can manage
to kill him and take it.

Oh, the merry times in Moria. Christmas is here!
Mmmmmm ... pie ...

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Re: Santa Balrog has come!!

Post by Mim » 07 Jan 2021 09:53

When was the last time he was killed?
I do remember the FIRST time he was killed, but since then I have never had the opportunity.

One obstacle is maybe that he just has ONE reward, instead of super rewards to all that participated in the fight.
Lets say a team kills him, all within the team gets a reward or two.
Needs some coding this so that not a huge amount of players are in the team, just waiting for the killing blow.
You must have done some % of damage to get the reward (or some other coding solution).
In old DiabloII fights where items dropped on the floor, but they where marked for a player.
Before that, a lot of 'grabber programs' and players fanativcally ckicking on the ground to get one good piece if you were lucky.

Without knowing, I guess it is needed a very strong team, with casters, tanks, damage dealers and perhaps some other guild.
A Minstrel or two would perhaps help a little?
A thief (or two) with that skill that impotents him a little for a while.
Most likely it is about surviving, and delivering a lot of damage, as fast as possible, Calians comes into my mind.

Tactics would also be intresting. Kill the trolls first?
Let them just be and focus only on the Balrog?

It is a pity we do not see more teams gathering for this fight.

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Re: Santa Balrog has come!!

Post by Drazson » 07 Jan 2021 10:26

The only Wizard that can deal damage to Balrog is Gandalf. The rest cannot, unless they whack him with their staff or something.

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