Reminder of Rules

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- Do not reveal sensitive game information. Guild secrets, player seconds are examples of things not allowed.
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Reminder of Rules

Post by Mirandus » 08 Jan 2021 23:04

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Greetings Denizens of the Donut,

Welcome to the New Year. I wanted to take an opportunity
to remind everyone of the rules of the realms. I am nothing
by magnanimous and provide opportunities for the denizens
to learn. While I highly enjoy Zapping, it gets tiresome to
always have to clean my office.

Please review <help rules>, <help botting> and
<help double-logging> to ensure you are aware of the
current rules of the realms so you do not find yourself
"discussing" it with my lightning bolt...

As an example, Any type of automated behaviour that
gains a player a benefit, like forging, combat, or
even buying items from the auction-house, while they
are not present is not permitted. Genesis is a place
for people to play, not Gnomish Automatons to pretend
to be people. That's just creepy.

So, please revisit, refresh, and renew your understanding

Archwizard of Players

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