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Sailing expansion

Posted: 01 May 2021 16:38
by Arman

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Ahoy all!

With the War of the Lance hotting up near the city of Kalaman, the Guild of
Mariners has relocated to the city of Palanthas. Associated charters and
shipwrights have also set up shop there.

With this move sailors will find a number of additional shipping lines have
opened, allowing greater travelling options by sea.

Unrelated, but of note, is that the doors to the Palanthas chapter of the
Distinguished Hunters and Anglers association have been opened to the public.
And after a long closure due to an unfortunate oil fire, Bishon's crab shack
has finally re-opened to the joy of all seafood connoisseurs!

And finally, the Palanthas alchemist is offering dabblers and sorcerers alike
new rewards for their services! It may be worth paying him a visit!