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Re: Autohunt/flee

Post by Mim » 02 Jun 2021 23:14

Cherek wrote:
02 Jun 2021 17:51
Redblade: Sure, I agree that the more clear a rule is, the better. What specifically have you felt was unclear in the past, and is it still unclear?
I'm not Redblade, but I do have a feeling of something that is unclear.
Really, it is not unclear, and the interpretation is not unclear either, but both are in total conflict with eachother.

"Using triggers to hunt another player ... will result in..."

This is as clear as water from a spring creek running down from the mountains.
Using triggers to hunt other players is forbidden. It will result in warnings and penalties.
An interpretation is not needed, as the text is 100% clear.

BUT, the current interpretation of the rule suddenly say it is allowed to hunt players with triggers IF......

The IF statement is not there in the rules.
It is no where to be found in the rules.
It suddenly popped up when AoP wrote a post on the subject clarifying his personal interpretation of the rules.
Using triggers is allowed IF you type the movement directions manually.

This interpetation is a complete farse, unless you put it, the IF statement, in the rules.
You should not have such IF/BUT/ELSE in rules, if they are not there to be seen.
They should not be invisible. Put them in the rules, or do not use them.
That is my feeling of something that is bad.

EDIT: Oh, btw, I also think Cartago should be destroyed.

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Re: Autohunt/flee

Post by Cherek » 03 Jun 2021 00:36

Mim: Right. Well, you make a good point there. Miiiiiranduuus! :)

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Re: Autohunt/flee

Post by Redblade » 07 Jun 2021 09:47

Cherek wrote:
02 Jun 2021 17:51
Redblade: Sure, I agree that the more clear a rule is, the better. What specifically have you felt was unclear in the past, and is it still unclear? Do you have a suggestion on how to better write these rules?

We can always tweak the wording in the rules to make things more clear, I am all for that, but the post you quoted was aimed mainly at players who _deliberately_ try to find loopholes and circumvent the rules, knowing perfectly well that what they are doing is against the spirit of the rule. Trying to write rules that covers all bases, without it becoming a looooong text is hard, and it becomes even harder to manage potential rule violations when players get out of their way to find loopholes. Instead, ask us to clarify, tell us that you've found a potential loophole instead of using it to your benefit, and help us create good fair rules.

And just to be clear, this isn't aimed at you personally Redblade. I have no idea if you deliberately try to find loopholes and use them to your advantage or not.
I don't feel personally aimed at :D I am just advocating all the players here trying to, instead of using a loophole, discover a loophole and then protect themselves from the loophole being abused against them by asking about the loophole here :)

What, for me, in the past wasn't stated clearly enough is what defines as "speedwalking". Is it only click on the map and run when attacked? Is it using a js path? Is is hunting a target via a trigger chain on "track, move that way, track, move that way" sort of motion?

I agree, rules should be kept simple. Perhaps the <help rules> could refer to <help speedwalking> in the same manner as it refers to <help botting>?
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