Arch of Web position removed

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Arch of Web position removed

Post by Cherek » 08 Jun 2021 04:21

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As the header says, I have removed the Arch of Web position
from the admin. The person responsible for the website and
forums will instead be the Liege of the domain Web. I made
this change to make it easier for someone else but me to
take over the position in the future, without the extra 
resposibilities of becoming an Arch and joining the admin. 

For now, I will continue as the Liege of Web until a web
design-skilled volunteer emerges.

So, the admin now has one fewer position and consists of:

Keeper:             Cherek
Arch of Domains:    Arman
Arch of Balance:    Carnak
Arch of Players:    Mirandus
Arch of Gamedriver: Cotillion
Arch of Mudlib:     Cotillion
Arch of Events:     Gorboth

If you want to know more about what the admin, and the 
different arches, actually do, feel free to check out
<help admin>. You can also visit our website to learn more 
about wizard life and how the game is run, as well as see
a list of all currently active wizards.

If you want to join our ranks and help develop Genesis,
please see <help wizapp>.

That's all I had to share!

Cherek, Keeper of Genesis

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