Changes to teleport (part 2)

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Changes to teleport (part 2)

Post by zizuph » 05 Aug 2022 06:46

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There has been an update to guild teleports, in hopes that
it will find a good balance of tradeoffs for the spell.

Instead of being limited to one teleport before being blocked,
you will be able to teleport three times.  Each teleport will
still have a cooldown period, and after your third teleport
you will need to wait for at least one teleport cooldown to
be done before you can teleport after that.

You will be able to examine yourself to see how you are
affected from prior teleports.  Once you are heavily
affected, you will need to wait to teleport again.  The
cooldowns keep cooling down even when you've logged off.

The cooldown remains the same as before - one hour for a
teleport home, and two hours for a teleport to a chosen

We discussed several different options of how to update
teleport, including the ones suggested by players.  In
the end, we felt this would be a good second try at the

Hopefully the casters find this more usable.  As always,
we are happy to receive your feedback.  Any issues with
the ability can be brought to the AOB team.

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