Update to spellcasting

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Update to spellcasting

Post by zizuph » 07 Aug 2022 06:03

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In order to make spellcasting interact better with melee / second
spellcaster guilds, a few changes have been made.  This will
affect when spells can be cast.

Here are the expected behaviors:

1) Casting a spell should not block a melee special from going

2) One heal/damage spell can be cast at a time.  These get
a boost to account for the loss of white hits already.

3) One additional spell can be cast at the same time as the
heal/damage spell.  These are not boosted for loss of white
hits, and many are maintained effects.

This should make the behavior across casters more consistent,
and work better for casters with stuns/blinds/etc, as they
do not have to stop doing damage while working their
secondary effects.

If you have two caster guilds, spells from one may be
blocked by spells from the other guild.  This is expected.

If anyone sees behaviors that do not seem to match this,
please let the AOB team know.  Most guilds have been
migrated, with the Heralds, Warlocks and Vampires to be
completed shortly.

Hopefully this provides a good experience for occupational
casters who have been impacted by the global resistance

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